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biodegradable charcoal toothbrush

What makes our Happy Toothbrush a stand out?

Three elements: Safe, Kind, Inclusive. 


Activated charcoal is a natural way to  whiten teeth. It also helps prevent bad breath, cavities and gum  disease. Ours is a mess free way without the harsh abrasion of powders.


Our handle is kind to the Earth. It is  upcycled from plant-based materials salvaged from waste from wheat  production. It's also biodegradable. 


Priced just so to make it a sustainable choice for Everyone.


facial roller

 Happy was created to respect the art and principles of Traditional  Chinese Medicine (TCM) while bringing in today's technology to produce a  professional grade facial rolling experience. They are considered the  best made rollers in the market.  Our newest  addition, the Happy Duo Texture Rollers, not only provides all the  features you'll find in our classic collection but the spiked end can be  used all over the body for deeper, targeted relief of sore muscles and  inflammation.


gua sha

 Dating back thousands  of years, Gua Sha was used by the upper echelons of ancient Chinese  dynasties. This TCM tool is traditionally used to reduce signs of aging.  Happy's specific  gua sha shape traces  the curves of your face and neck to increase blood circulation, sculpt  and smoothen your skin. It can also be used throughout the body to  provide relief from pain and lymphatic blockage. 

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